Welcome – Massage Technology

Michael Mandell has been providing massage to West Seattle since 2004. He has worked with fortune 500 companies as a Project Manager / Business Analyst.  He’s proud to be offering

  • Massage (currently closed due to COVID-19 Social Distancing)
  • Classes in and around Massage (Moving to Online Courceware soon)
  • Blog Posts regarding Massage and Technology

Massage Practice 101 was developed as Technology blog on the latest and greatest technology for running your practice.  Most of the subjects we will be posting about can be applied to any small business.  We are not trying to recreate the wheel on all the great blogs and such out there, but to give you another perspective from a technology point of view.

Things we’d probably be posting about is

1. Online Scheduling

2. Massage

3. Practice Management

4. Process Management

5.  Branding / Marketing / Sales

6.  Social Media