Protecting your Business

Protecting your Business!


Protecting your practice is the theme of the journal this quarter. As MERT members gear up for Forest Fire Season, protecting your business should be on the top of your list of things to do. Hopefully, you have a system in place that protects your files whether electronic or physical. Protecting your business is not just about files. Your whole practice needs protection.

MERT Deployments can come at any moment. With that in mind, ensure you have a back up system in place, just like your own deployment equipment. Who will see your clients? Who owns those client files? Do you have contracts in place with those that are taking care of your clients / office? Is your hard drive backed up? Do you have a key and spares to the File Cabinet? Who will water the fountains and plants in your office? My background is in high tech, so the electronic piece of my business is taken care of with nightly back ups with services like eBackup, groove, and web applications. Your point of sale (POS) software and/or your customer service management system needs to be backed up as well.

Y2K caused a lot of hysteria and allowed for people to prepare. Run a mock test in your office by turning off your computer and see how you would run your office. We had one computer out of three fail just last week. That was a little bit of a scare for our office, but because we were prepared, operations continued without any major issues. The clients were not aware that anything was wrong. Take a moment now and backup your computer’s hard drives and all the important data files. If you are a physical office setup, make copies of your customer lists and store them offsite and purchase a fire proof safe or file cabinet. Time, money and effort spent now, will protect your business and profits in the future.