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I’ve worked with Customer Relation Management Systems/Salesforce Automation, Enterprise Portals, and Accounting Systems. For most projects, we combined and connected systems into an Enterprise Portal for centric goals and communication.

My prior employment includes extensive experience in Customer Service Management in multiple industries, receiving many service awards dealing with the public and private sectors. I left the high-tech industry after working with three failed “start-ups” during the Tech Boom in 2003. Before starting massage school, I worked with Fortune 100 companies like Coke-a-Cola, MetLife, AIG, and Medtronic as a Senior Project Manager / Business Analyst.

After working with the three failed “start-ups,” I took matters into my own hands. I went to massage school, graduated, and started practicing. Within the first year, I opened a three-room practice where other therapists could rent timeshare space. Then it became more employee/employer clinics. It eventually became the number one Medical Massage Clinic in West Seattle, WA.

My love for technology never waned. The first system we used in the office was a homegrown system on Grove. (Groove – Microsoft purchased Groove in 2005).

It allowed the provider to place a number of visits for a prescription. The system could have forced the provider to place another prescription into the system, but with contractors, it was hard to enforce. From there, we put together a needs list and chose MindBody Online. Contractors became employees or left the practice. The medical industry evolved, and I ended up selling the practice to a larger massage clinic.

I love simplicity

I grew up in Maine and skied my way through Business School in Bangor. I moved around within the Hotel Management Industry, Waterville Valley, NH, Hartford, CT, New Orleans, LA, and I have been in Seattle since 1996. I moved to Calgary, AB, in November 2022 to be with my husband full-time. I became a Permanent Resident in March 2023. Soon to be dual citizenship.

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